Veterans Cannabis Project

The Veterans Cannabis Project is the
leading national organization dedicated to
improving US military veterans’ quality of life
through access to cannabis for medical purposes.

The Problem

The United States faces a significant challenge in effectively treating veterans’ combat and non-combat related healthcare issues. The number of military veterans suffering from internal wounds has reached epidemic proportions. It is estimated that post‐traumatic stress affects up to 20 percent of active service members. Between 2000 and 2014, over 300,000 service members were diagnosed with some form of Traumatic Brain Injury. The effects of combat-related stress and prolonged deployment cycles can be devastating, and they manifest differently across individuals and families. Recent studies estimate that an average of 22 veterans commit suicide every single day.

The Department of Veterans Affairs was neither prepared nor equipped to address, prevent or combat these problems leaving veterans with limited and inadequate treatment options. Veterans and service members face long delays for intermittent, ineffective care, and are often placated through “cocktails” of prescription drugs, including powerful and addictive opiates. The current arrangement is not meeting veterans’ healthcare needs. However, there is one major healthcare treatment option that veterans are turning to in increasing numbers, even as the VA is unable to talk about it: cannabis, also known as medical marijuana.

The Opportunity

Medical marijuana, now legal in 23 states, is a common sense, safer alternative to many current treatments legally available to all veterans. Cannabis has been used safely and effectively for medicinal purposes for over 2,000 years. Modern scientific research exists and supports the use of medical marijuana for PTS and opiate addiction. Medicinal marijuana can be an incredibly effective tool for veterans challenged with managing the symptoms of their wounds.

Taking Action

While there has been a significant shift in perception and laws alike in recent years, there is a great deal of work to be done at both the state and federal levels. Yet no national organizations are effectively championing veterans’ ability to access medical marijuana. VCP is filling that void. Through education, advocacy, research support and partnerships with likeminded organizations, VCP will ensure that veterans today and in future generations can improve their quality of life through access to medical marijuana.

Our Mission is to Support All Veterans

To foster an environment that is politically and legally favorable to US military veterans using medical marijuana to address service-related health challenges that prevent them from living the high quality of life that they have earned.


Medical marijuana will be a legal, affordable and acceptable treatment option for all US military veterans suffering from visible and invisible wounds incurred in the line of duty.

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Who We Are

The Veterans Cannabis Project (VCP) is the leading national organization dedicated to helping military veterans improve their quality of life through access to cannabis for medical purposes. VCP Founder and CEO Nick Etten is a former Navy SEAL officer and graduate of the US Naval Academy. Nick has a strong track record in building strong organizations as both an investment professional and senior corporate executive.